A richness of history

Marrakech, the jewel of Morocco, is an enchanting city where ancient traditions and modernity harmoniously blend. As an imperial city, Marrakech is also known as the Red City due to the color of its ramparts that encircle the Medina. Whether through its bustling souks, majestic palaces, gardens, or museums, Marrakech offers a fantastic cultural immersion that reflects its glorious past. Among the most famous places to visit are the Badi Palace, the Bahia Palace, the Photography Museum, and the Secret Garden for a refreshing break in the heart of the Medina.

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Between plains and mountains

Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech boasts a breathtaking landscape that can be explored from the Medina. Enjoying a tajine in the Ourika Valley, embarking on a hike from the Kik Plateau, or visiting the Berber village of Imlil are just some of the activities that invite you to escape and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Wide open spaces

As you venture out of Marrakech, excursions will take you to other cities with equally stunning panoramas. Heading south, Ouarzazate will transport you amidst its Kasbahs and cinematic settings. Serving as a gateway to the Sahara Desert, Ouarzazate and its region hold other treasures that are worth exploring. To the west, the coastal city of Essaouira captivates visitors with its bohemian and laid-back atmosphere. Located along the Atlantic Ocean, it is renowned for its beautiful beaches and relaxed way of life.
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